PCRX Gold Tincture 60ml

PCRX Gold Tincture 60ml


Ultra-Premium Hemp Oil Tincture is the Absolute-Standard in Phyto-Cannabinoid Rich Sub-Lingual Hemp products. The PCRX Line Starts with our Full Spectrum, Zero -THC Oil and enhances it with 99% Pure Cannabidiol {CBD} and 99% Pure Cannabigerol {CBG} to provide a product in a Category of its own. The Calibrated dropper makes accurate dosage easy and efficient. This proprietary blend of specific carriers and raw hemp extracts ensure Maximum Bio-Availability and Delivery of these vital nutrients to the Human E.C.S. {Endo Cannabinoid System}. This along with Physician backed dosage  baselines make PCRX the preferred choice of Healthcare Professionals across the Nation. 

Active Ingredients:

PCRX Gold-CBD 10mg/ml-CBG 0.5mg/ml

Ingredients: MCT Oil {Medium Chain Tri-Glycerides}, Hemp Seed Oil, Grape Seed Oil, FSHO {Full Spectrum Hemp Oil}, Sun Flower Lecithin, 99% Pure CBD {Cannabidiol}, 99% Pure CBG {Cannabigerol}.

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